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Download our Template to create your B2B Buyer Persona

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Create your B2B Buyer Persona with this template

Buyer personas are an essential tool to help develop an efficient communication strategy and an individual customer approach tailored to your target audience(s).
For the the most effective approach, when creating your personas, you should use available data sources as extensively as possible. Whether it’s the information available from existing customers, analyses of the competition, or findings from market research activities: consider all the data you can obtain and derive from actual existing clients as a solid foundation on which you can differentiate between the various profiles. The more accurately you can distinguish between individual profiles, the more precisely you can map various interests, desires, behavioral patterns, expectations, etc., the better you can develop individual approaches. Buyer personas help you transfer abstract data collections and aggregated information to a personal level. The more concrete the picture of your target customers, the better you can define topics with which you want to address your customers. Start using our template now and begin creating your first buyer personas.