OKR templates – a Kickstarter for your department’s OKR process

Over at kemb we have been using OKRs since our inception in 2016. Even when we have not been full-time consultants we have set ourselves quarterly goals that we wanted to achieve with our company and tracked the progress on a weekly base. It helped visualize issues and celebrate successes. During our consulting projects we noticed, that next to support in marketing and business intelligence, our reporting capabilities and work experience help us introduce and improve the work with OKRs with many of our clients. We believe in the value of regular open communication and thus also regularly support marketing and data departments, as well as whole companies with their OKR setup, technically as well as setting up the processes.

How do you set good OKRs?

A regular question we face with our clients is how to set good OKRs? In general there are certain guidelines we provide when it comes to setting OKRs in general. Those include making key results measurable, meaning not having a to-do list with either 0 or 100% done but granular measurements, being specific about goals as to have everyone understand it (maybe add some short descriptions linked to your OKRs) and having an alignment between the OKRs of all departments so as to not have conflicts of interest and employees competing for ressources. On the other hand we also give regular input on initial sets of OKRs for marketing, sales, human ressources and other departments. As initial rounds of OKRs, the beginnings, are most often the most tricky, we thought we share a growing library of typical objectives and key results we see in those departments. If you have feedback or any additions, feel free to reach out to us. Also if your company needs support in setting up OKRs, the OKR process or automated OKR reporting, give us a call.


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