Experienced Fivetran Partner for 5 years

Being the longest active Partner of Fivetran in Germany, Kemb is a trusted consulting partner for Fivetran in Frankfurt, with many years of hands-on experience from developing data warehousing infrastructure and Business Intelligence setups for multiple companies at every scale.


Having worked extensively with Fivetran in recent years, our team well understands its intricacies, enabling us to fully use its capabilities and address any challenges along the way.

We provide a deep-rooted expertise in working with the tool allowing us to both integrate Fivetran into existing clients’ data warehouse ecosystems as well as taking over the entire process of setting up a scalable warehousing solution from scratch that involves Fivetran’s data integration platform among other tools desired.

Our Frankfurt based team is the right Fivetran partner for all your questions and tasks from setting up infrastructure, warehousing, ETL up to the visualisation of your data.

Our goal is not just to implement, but to challenge.

We strategize and optimise our client’s setup, to ensure that customers leverage the full power of deployments, building robust and efficient infrastructures and data pipelines with the help of tools like Fivetran.

Over the years, we have successfully facilitated various setups, always tailoring our approach to meet our clients’ unique business demands and challenges.

Be it in conjunction with snowflake or one of the big cloud providers (AWS, Google, azure) we make fivetran work in any setup. If a connector does not (yet) exist, we also help code custom connectors for your fivetran setup.


What Fivetran does

Fivetran is a fully managed data integration platform that automates data connectors and data loading into your cloud data warehouse or datalake.

Over 300 Connectors

Fivetran comes with automated connectors for various sources (more than 300 at the time of writing). It allows for the continuous synchronisation with the warehouse and offers some ready-made transformations (which can be scheduled) for various sources as well. Also, the tool is highly scalable, which makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of business phases.

For all the Sources you need

Fivetran offers connectors for the following sources: Google products, CRM systems like Hubspot and Salesforce, marketing platforms like Meta and LinkedIn, SAP, as well as a diverse set of databases as a source (postgres, mySQL, mongoDB, … ). All in all this allows for the further integration of individual connectors.

These characteristics make Fivetran our go-to Partner for the Extraction and Loading of data from various sources within bigger frameworks of Business Intelligence tooling infrastructures.

For more information on typical use cases, please have a look at one of our case studies.

Here we are not just providing a better overview of how kemb builds an optimized data pipeline, but we specifically describe how a client was able to reduce manual efforts for data exports alone by 75% with the integration with Fivetran:

Read the Keller Sports Case Study


If you are still undecided, whether setting up the right data pipeline is something you should do, please know, that nowadays business usually do not suffer from a shortage but an actual surplus of data, which at the same time is most often just not usable and not suited to act on well informed and strategic decision-making. Studies show that organisations leave up to 97% of their gathered data unused.

In order to gain a comprehensive overview and holistic understanding of your business, a modern data stack lays the groundwork, and it is crucial to recognize that having the right data infrastructure you set up for Business Intelligence is a must. We are here to help you with that. We are your Fivetran Partner.

Are you facing similar challenges?

We’re more than happy to have a chat about how we can support you with your Data Challenges. Do not hesitate and book a free consultation call at a time that suits you best.