It’s time to take your reporting to the next level. That’s why we’re developing our own marketing dashboards that are simply more efficient. Sounds good? Then why don’t you join us!


For some time now, at KEMB we have been using specially created reporting dashboards for our SEO, marketing, and paid ads consulting. Now we want to share these with our network! This way, our partners and other marketing specialists can actively participate in the further development of reporting.

So, if you’re interested in website optimization and ad management, you can secure one of the limited spots in our testing phase and use our reporting dashboards with your own data for a limited time, 100% free of charge.


We’ll prove it. Let’s start getting more out of marketing reporting and together increase the efficiency of your marketing team. Contact us and participate in our free pilot project.


In Google’s Search Console, all essential data for tracking organic performance is available. However, the data provided in the UI is always limited and each filter must be set manually. Whether for a quick overview, regular analyses or targeted investigations, this setup always means considerable effort.

Our dashboard solves these problems and maximizes the available data from the Search Console. All essential KPIs are available with just one click, and optimization potentials are immediately visible.

Key Features:

No more Search Console UI limits: Our reporting pulls all data from APIs to ensure you don’t miss any details in the future. Month-over-month tracking is immediately integrated.

Thanks to permanent data storage, year-over-year comparisons will finally be possible, where the Search Console UI is otherwise limited to 16 months.

Smart filtering logic for truly meaningful evaluations of impressions, clicks, position, and click-through rate: Which are your top-performing keywords and pages and how do they develop compared to the previous month?

Brand vs. non-brand performance at a glance: How are your brand and demand for it developing? Our dashboard tells you immediately.

Where were the biggest positive or negative fluctuations at keyword and page level? You won’t miss any relevant changes in the dashboard.

Other features we are currently developing and continually expanding the reporting around: Meta-Data Reporting, Backlink Tracking, Crawling Stats, and data on the technical performance of the website.

The Tools we use

PPC Dashboard

Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, Meta, Facebook Ads, and others – the list of advertising platforms is extensive. This makes it more and more difficult to report the most important metrics to our clients. That’s why we use our own customized reporting. It includes SEA, SEM, and PPC, as well as Paid Social and other Paid Ads measures.

Here’s a summary of all the benefits:

The reporting provides a comprehensive overview of key metrics across all platforms, allowing you to see at a glance where your marketing budget is being spent and what you’re getting in return.

In the budget report, you can analyze the data in more detail. If your Google Ads or Bing Ads campaigns are consuming too much or too little budget, you can act quickly.

Prefer graphical representations? The campaign report presents the most important metrics in a graphical format, enabling you to identify trends and perform deeper performance analysis of individual or multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Looking for top performers? The keyword report allows you to break down conversions, impressions, and interactions by campaigns, ad groups, and even keywords. This allows you to immediately see which keywords are really worth it for your business.

In addition, there are reports for paid advertising platforms like Meta Ads that provide an overview of your ad performance outside of search engines.

We are currently working on the integration of LinkedIn Ad Data. And of course we’ll continue to develop the reporting further. Join our pilot test now and actively help shape the marketing reporting of your dreams.


Our Process…

In the first step, we will give you an introduction to our reporting dashboards.

Once you have gained initial impressions: your feedback will help us continuously improve our reporting and onboarding process.


After that, the actual onboarding process begins. From now on, you can test the reporting on your own for up to two weeks.

Once you have granted us access, we will map your data onto our dashboards, which you can evaluate for free at 100%.

What is missing for you? Which features did you like? We look forward to your comprehensive feedback afterwards!

Analytics Dashboard

Alongside our SEO and PPC reporting, we are currently developing a KEMB Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard will incorporate data from both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 and will serve as a natural final component in our reporting trio. We plan to release the KEMB Analytics Dashboard in the near future. Contact us today to secure a spot in the pilot program.


Reporting dashboards save our team valuable time in our daily operations. We want to offer you the same benefit! That’s why we’re now sharing our marketing dashboards with a limited number of users in our network. To participate in our pilot project, simply contact us through our contact form and let us know which reports you would like to try out. We will get in touch with you to discuss the pilot process, onboarding, and the reports themselves.


Please complete the contact form now and reach out to us directly to secure a spot in our free pilot project.