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Technical SEO Audits are the basis for the sustainable search engine optimization of your website. By surveying your website’s status quo in relation to key SEO factors, we not only solve website performance, speed, crawlability and indexability issues. We also identify opportunities to increase organic reach, improve your search engine visibility and achieve optimal mobile responsiveness.

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Why you need a technical audit for SEO

1. You have Website Performance and Speed Issues

Slow-loading websites impact user experience and search engine rankings. Technical SEO Audits help identify and rectify performance issues, minimize server response times, and address issues such as large image files or inefficient code.

2. You face Crawlability and Indexability Challenges

Search engines rely on crawling and indexing to understand the content of a website. Common issues include improper handling of robots.txt, issues with XML sitemaps, and the presence of crawl errors. A technical SEO Audit ensures that search engines can access and index the website’s content effectively.

3. You have trouble with Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Designs

With the increasing use of mobile devices, search engines prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their rankings. Technical SEO Audits focus on achieving optimal mobile responsiveness by identifying faulty redirects, viewport configuration problems, and other mobile-specific issues.

Kemb’s technical SEO Audit services

Our technical SEO Audits include:

1. A data-driven assessment of your website’s underlying technical infrastructure in terms of crawlability and indexing and an in-depth check of Robots.txt files, DNS settings, your sitemap.xml and the use of canonical tags.

2. A strategic analysis of the page structure to answer questions like: Are your pages structured logically and linked sensibly? Do all links work, or is there content that is not accessible? And is the relevant information properly integrated and easily accessible?

3. An on-page inspection to check other SEO factors relevant for good positioning such as URL identifiers, unique headings, meta titles and meta descriptions, markup elements, and other content quality factors like content structure, the use of relevant keywords, and duplicate or incomplete content.

4. Mobile performance and mobile-first indexing checks including a review of core web vitals and mobile score to identify potential problems like website sizes, integration of JavaScripts and CSS, compression, image compression, lazy loading and more.

Our technical SEO Audits are carried out by our in-house SEO specialists. Our goal is to design a search engine friendly website for you or to inspect your new website prior to going live. As a result, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of the status quo including a realistic catalog of measures that shows you clear recommendations for action. Of course, we can add additional components or focus the analysis on specific criteria to meet your individual needs.

If you face any SEO issues, book an initial consultation with our SEO expert now. The more precise our idea of your individual corporate strategy, wishes and requirements is, the better we can design a process tailored to your needs.

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Kemb’s technical SEO Audits: simple & straightforward


A consultation helps us understand you and your website’s needs and status quo. Based on our first meeting we identify the components of our analysis and plan your technical SEO Audit.

Technical SEO Audit

We assess your website from top to bottom. By request, we can focus on certain components such as mobile performance and mobile-first indexing or content quality factors.

Handover & Implementation

You receive our complete analysis and a catalogue of measures that shows you clear recommendations for action to improve your website. If you need further assistance, we also support you in implementing those recommendations or building a comprehensive SEO strategy for worry-free website optimization.

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Your Website’s Search Engine Optimization with Kemb

Our goal is to empower you to maximize your company’s potential by designing a search engine friendly website for you or to inspect your new website prior to going live. In doing so we carry out a comprehensive data-driven evaluation of your site’s structure and all necessary SEO aspects. If you think your site requires a thorough SEO Audit, contact us today!

If you’re still unsure and simply want to monitor your website’s performance, check out our proprietary SEO reporting. Our dashboard will monitor your organic data and traffic and notify you when a technical SEO Audit is urgently needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a technical SEO Audit?

The purpose of a technical SEO Audit is to identify and address issues on a website that may impact its search engine performance. It ensures that the site is optimized for search engines to crawl, index, and rank effectively.

How often should a website undergo a technical SEO Audit?

The frequency of technical SEO Audits depends on factors like site complexity and updates. Generally, conducting an audit annually or after significant site changes is recommended.

What are the key elements that a technical SEO Audit typically covers?

A technical SEO Audit covers aspects such as crawlability, indexability, site speed, mobile-friendliness, URL structure, sitemaps, and issues with metadata.

How long does it take to see the results of a technical SEO Audit?

Results can vary, but improvements are typically observed within a few weeks to a few months after implementing changes recommended in the audit.

Is it necessary for small businesses to invest in technical SEO Audits?

Yes, technical SEO Audits are beneficial for businesses of all sizes, as they help improve online visibility, user experience, and overall site performance.

What tools are commonly used for conducting technical SEO Audits?

Common tools used include Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and various website crawlers.

How do technical SEO Audits impact search engine rankings?

Technical SEO Audits can positively impact rankings by resolving issues that hinder search engine bots’ ability to crawl, index, and understand a website’s content.

Can a website experience a drop in rankings after a technical SEO Audit?

Temporary fluctuations may occur as search engines reevaluate the site, but long-term improvements in rankings are the goal.

What role does website speed play in a technical SEO Audit?

Website speed is crucial; slow sites can lead to higher bounce rates and lower rankings. Audits often address issues like large image files, server response times, and caching.

Are there any specific recommendations for e-commerce websites during a technical SEO Audit?

E-commerce sites should focus on optimizing product pages, handling duplicate content, improving site structure, and ensuring secure and user-friendly checkout processes.

How do you address issues related to duplicate content identified in a technical SEO Audit?

Issues with duplicate content can be resolved by implementing canonical tags, 301 redirects, or using meta tags to specify the preferred version of a page.

What steps should be taken to ensure mobile-friendliness after a technical SEO Audit?

Ensure a responsive design, optimize mobile page speed, configure viewports correctly, and address any issues identified in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Are there any common misconceptions about technical SEO Audits that need clarification?

One common misconception is that technical SEO is solely about pleasing search engines; in reality, it also significantly improves user experience.

Is it possible to conduct a technical SEO Audit in-house, or is professional assistance recommended?

It is possible in-house, but professional assistance may provide more thorough insights. External expertise can help identify and address complex technical issues.

What are some potential red flags that might indicate the need for a technical SEO Audit?

Red flags include sudden drops in rankings, indexing issues, slow page load times, and an increase in crawl errors reported in Google Search Console.

How do changes in search engine algorithms affect the recommendations from a technical SEO Audit?

Regular updates to algorithms necessitate ongoing monitoring and adjustments to ensure that a website remains compliant with the latest ranking factors.

Can you provide tips for maintaining the positive impact of a technical SEO Audit over time?

Regularly monitor site performance, stay informed about industry updates, and address issues promptly. Conduct periodic audits to ensure continued optimization.

Are there any specific considerations for international SEO in a technical audit?

Implement hreflang tags for multilingual content, optimize geotargeting settings, and address issues related to international URL structures and duplicate content.

What are the consequences of neglecting technical SEO aspects in website management?

Neglecting technical SEO can lead to poor search engine rankings, decreased user experience, higher bounce rates, and missed opportunities for online visibility.

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