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As a long-term partner of DBT, our Frankfurt team of data analysts has hands-on expertise from over 30 customer projects to support you in all projects related to your business intelligence setup and data warehousing solutions where DBT is utilized in the modern data stack.


At kemb, we have been working successfully with the open-source tool DBT since 2018 time and again now. For transforming and modeling data, we regularly rely on DBT when setting up and optimizing data infrastructures for our clients.

Requirements for an efficient data warehouse ecosystem differ by industry, specific need, and application purpose (marketing, sales, HR, business development, you name it). For data teams, this means navigating through highly unique processes, each of which bring their own set of challenges.

A significant advantage in your collaboration with us: At kemb, we have already successfully set up implementations for a wide range of industries, sectors, and scales focussing on eCommerce and B2B SaaS companies. Thus, our data team experts in Frankfurt provide many years of experience and a particularly broad knowledge bank concerning specific use cases and customer needs.

You want to build your data infrastructure and need support in using DBT? We are particularly fast and flexible in developing the best possible solutions for your personal use case. We provide the necessary know-how and deep technical knowledge of the tool and are of course not solely specialized in implementing it for you. If desired, we are happy to implement your entire business intelligence setup for you, just as we have been doing for our customers for years.

Our goal is to always develop the best overall structure together with you and for you taking a holistic perspective. This can also mean questioning the use of individual components to provide the best recommendation.


DBT is an SQL-based software solution that enables data teams to efficiently, quickly and easily set up transformation workflows to build efficient data pipelines. It has in-built functionality for data documentation, data Lineage and data testing and was developed with all the needs of analytics engineers and data analysts in mind.


DBT handles the T-part in business intelligence setups, i.e. the transformation part of traditional ETL processes into the data warehouse, by transforming extracted raw data into structured and analyzable data using SQL-based transformation processes.


An important feature of DBT is its integration with version control systems (especially Git), as they are commonly used in software development. By versioning and tracking analysis code, teams can easily develop data models collaboratively and access historical versions at any time. CI/CD processes can be implemented as well.


Integrated testing functions and documentation enable high data quality and consistency and thus not only more transparent, but above all more reliable data flows.

The characteristics described above make DBT one of the tools, that we as a team prefer to orchestrate consistent data transformation and modeling in a data warehouse.

SQL-based transformation concept proves to be not only a lean but also a highly efficient solution, making it particularly well suited for collaborative teams.

Are you facing similar challenges?

We’re more than happy to have a chat about how we can support you with your Data Challenges. Do not hesitate and book a free consultation call at a time that suits you best.


From our many years of experience, we know that consistency, trackability and clear responsibilities are indispensable factors when working with data and thus form the basis of any effective business intelligence infrastructure. DBT can become an important building block here, but is of course also only one of further elements to be ideally matched to each other.

No matter if you are already at an advanced stage and looking for the right contact to realize your plans, or if you are still undecided and need strategic support in putting together your setup – we are happy to support you, we are your partner. Reach us anytime digitally or at our Frankfurt or Munich office on site.