How to save time and money with a modern data stack

A comprehensive guide to Business Intelligence

In this guide, we shed light on WHY a Business Intelligence setup is indispensable nowadays, we delve into the decisive components of a proper BI infrastructure and highlight major hurdles.

Furthermore, based on one of our case studies, we illustrate how to take an existing BI infrastructure to the next level, share practical tips and learnings from our years of experience before taking a look at future trends in BI.
Enjoy the read!

In this whitepaper:

  • Why do I need BI?
  • Data-driven Decisions
  • Use Cases: From Marketing and Sales to Finance or HR
  • Components of a BI-Infrastructure
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Key Challenges
  • Improving BI Infrastructure: A Case Study
  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Tips, Tricks & Future Trends



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Let our customers tell you whether we know BI or not.

We have been working together with KEMB at SBSCOM for a good year now and can recommend the cooperation without exception. KEMB has always reliably helped us with various data, analytics, tracking & marketing issues – there was no problem for which a solution was not found quickly. So far, we have benefited from the development of a complete BI infrastructure, from the conversion from Universal Analytics to GA4, as well as from the strategic planning and operational implementation of paid marketing campaigns. Rarely have we experienced such a high level of service with equally friendly and smart employees and a high level of transparency in finding solutions. Thus, the cooperation with KEMB not only enabled us to improve our data-driven processes, but also to build up an enormous amount of knowledge in-house. We look forward to further cooperation!

Dr. Anne Israel
Business Intelligence Analyst, SBS Communication AG

Highly professional consulting in the field of BI & Analytics! Great support in setting up the technical data infrastructure and in accompanying all kinds of analytical topics. All around recommendable!

Daniel Bogner,
Senior BI Engineer, TeleClinic

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