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Welcome to our Web Analytics Hub, your go-to resource for understanding the importance of web analytics and how it relates to GDPR compliance. At Kemb, we specialise in providing consultancy services for the most prominent web analytics tools. We will help you setup your Google Analytics 4, Matomo or Piwik Pro

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Web analytics plays a vital role in understanding and optimising the performance of your website. It enables you to gain valuable insights into user behaviour, track website traffic, measure marketing campaigns, and make data-driven decisions to improve your online presence. However, in an era where data privacy is crucial, it is essential to align web analytics practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR is a set of regulations that protect the privacy and personal data of individuals in the European Union that went into full effectset in 2018. It imposes strict rules on how organisations collect, process, and store user data. Adhering to GDPR guidelines not only ensures legal compliance but also builds trust with your website visitors by prioritising their privacy.

In a Nutshell: 
Google Analytics 4, 
Piwik Pro

Google Analytics (Universal analytics) is the most renowned and used web tracking solution in the world. After GDPR came into effect, it deemed the use of UA in Europe to be illegal as private first party data  was shared directly with Google’s US servers even after explicitly anonymizing IPs. For that reason, UA was eradicated in July 2023. In comes Google Analytics 4 (or GA4 for short) as its successor.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) comes with a completely new flexible data model, a lot of improvements in terms of GDPR compliance, machine learning capabilities, and in depth analysis. It offers advanced tracking capabilities and focuses on providing insights into user behaviour across multiple devices and platforms. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of your audience, measure user acquisition and engagement, and analyse user journeys. We’ll implement and make sure you leverage the power of Google Analytics 4 for your business. 

Our Google analytics certified experts have developed a firm grip on structuring the entire setup, thanks to their extensive experience that spans for more than a decade. We provide a wide range of solutions that would meet any technical specifications you might have including, and not limited to:

Ecommerce tracking setup
Complete client side tracking setup
Complete Server side tracking setup
Google Consent mode setup

Marketed as the alternative for Google Analytics in the European Union, Matomo is an open-source web analytics tool that prioritises data privacy and security. It allows you to self-host your analytics data, giving you full control over your data collection and storage. Matomo provides in-depth analytics reports, customizable dashboards, and powerful data visualisation features, and has a built-in Tag manager.

Matomo also provides a great plugin that allows you to import all your historical universal analytics data, thus making it easier for you to migrate and save your historical data.

We will assist you in deploying and customising Matomo to meet your specific business requirements.

Piwik Pro is a privacy-focused web analytics solution that offers both on-premises and cloud-hosted options. It provides a  built-in tag manager, comprehensive analytics and customizable reports, while ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations, including GDPR. Piwik Pro also offers advanced features like heatmaps, session replays, and user consent management.

Piwik Pro and Matomo basically evolved from the same project, however their product development roadmaps were completely separated. Furthermore,  their biggest common feature is that they both put consumer privacy at the height of their operations. They only collect first-party user data by default and offer various data anonymization techniques to prevent personally identifiable information (PII) collection.

Piwik Pro also follows ISO certification standards, meaning they get regularly audited for their privacy security measures. And they have a built-in Consent Manager that efficiently regulates the alignment of your website with GDPR privacy policies.

Our consultancy services can help you leverage Piwik Pro’s capabilities to track and analyse user behaviour while maintaining data privacy.

Choosing the right analytics platform boils down to these factors:

Stability and performance – Web analytic setups always grow in one way or another. It can happen that your data volume will increase along with traffic and you’ll require more speed. Your analytics platform needs to support these needs.

Security – Nowadays, companies must process data according to the highest security standards.

Reporting flexibility and integrations – additional flexibility in sorting and using your data as well as advanced integration with external third parties (i.e. Google Ads or Google Search Console)

Privacy compliance – Operating on fully anonymized data if no consent is given, or using a product that enhances GDPR compliance

Price – How much you’re able to invest in a web analytics platform

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Please note that this table provides a high-level overview, and each tool has its unique strengths and considerations. Our consultancy services can help you choose the most suitable web analytics solution based on your requirements.

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We have been working together with KEMB at SBSCOM for a good year now and can recommend the cooperation without exception. KEMB has always reliably helped us with various data, analytics, tracking & marketing issues – there was no problem for which a solution was not found quickly. So far, we have benefited from the development of a complete BI infrastructure, from the conversion from Universal Analytics to GA4, as well as from the strategic planning and operational implementation of paid marketing campaigns. Rarely have we experienced such a high level of service with equally friendly and smart employees and a high level of transparency in finding solutions. Thus, the cooperation with KEMB not only enabled us to improve our data-driven processes, but also to build up an enormous amount of knowledge in-house. We look forward to further cooperation!

Dr. Anne Israel
Business Intelligence Analyst, SBS Communication AG

Working with Kemb is an absolute pleasure. Their proactive, can-do approach has made technically complex tasks manageable and, best of all, understandable. They’ve consistently met us at eye-level, explaining solutions in a simplified manner and helping us get to where we want to go – and beyond. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Elle McFarlane
Marketing Manager, Architrave GmbH

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