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Google Analytics 4 Migration

Web tracking and analytics are crucial to the success of your business. Whether an E-commerce platform, a lead generation site, or any organization that would like to track how customers maneuver their platforms. A well-setup web tracking can lead to a significantly better understanding of how your marketing efforts perform, whether you actually lose revenue on your page and what the main drivers of your business are online. However, the implementation of GDPR compliant web and app tracking setup is becoming more and more complex with changes to legislation and browser technology as well as privacy measures in the form of cookie consent. 

What we offer

  1. Thorough and extensive audit of your current Universal Analytics setup to optimise your migration process to GA4.
  1. Implementation of a client-tailored detailed measurement and tracking plan that fits all of our client’s goals and business needs using Google Tag Manager and might extend on what you already track.
  1. Complete set up of Google Analytics 4 property for web analytics and tracking along the migration of an existing UA account to a Google Analytics 4 property.
  1. Continuous support throughout the entire process. Beginning from the first preliminary meeting. We focus on sharing our knowledge and expertise in order to provide our clients not only the best possible outcome, but also a great learning experience.
  1. Consulting and implementation of privacy compliant solutions and alternative products to GA4.

How we work


  • Identify business needs
  • Obtain access to full setup
  • Align on key UA events
  • Align on key UA goals
  • Identify technical difficulties and challenges
  • Identify additional important events
  • Assess GDPR compliance

We start first with a preliminary analysis phase where we schedule a meeting and take the time to fully understand your vision, pain points and business goals and how they should translate to analytics.

During the first step of the process, we meticulously assess the current web tracking setup, identify the most essential structures to migrate, and pin-point the technical gaps that need to be filled. Moreover, based on our findings, we provide you with a timeline for the completion of the entire process. We dedicate ourselves to providing our clients with the best, and seamless migration experience. And through efficient coordination between parties involved, we make sure to align on the expectations to be met.


  • Create GA4 property
  • Implement GA4 tracking tags using Google Tag manager
  • Link the new property to the needed sources (Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google BigQuery etc..)
  • Provide a learning experience for our clients
  • Run UA and GA4 simultaneously and ensure the newly implemented tags are working perfectly

Second, comes the implementation phase, where we technically dive into the heart of the matter. We run both the current UA setup and our newly created GA4 property simultaneously.

To ensure all processes are unaffected, we will be working in the background, implementing the new tracking tags, and thoroughly testing them until all website tracking data are properly received in your current setup. However we won’t be doing that alone!

Here at Kemb, we don’t produce tedious and long presentations, we involve our clients in the process and provide them with a great learning experience so they can develop the necessary skills to fully grasp the product at hand. 


  • Identify adjustments if needed
  • Confirm that UA and GA4 results conform after two weeks of simulatenous operations
  • Ensure the client’s needs are met.
  • Provide guidance and answer any technical question that my arise

Next we proceed to the comparison phase. After successful implementation, we check together with the client that everything was properly set up and tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to make any further adjustments if needed. To always ensure a smooth transition, we also provide full guidance through this process and answer any questions or concerns the client may have

Handover & Support Phase

  • Provide additional assistance if needed
  • Consult on technical and emerging issues like GDPR compliance
  • Help you leverage your data to grow your business

The final element in the process is not technically a phase, more than it is an actual statement. We don’t just cut ties with our clients as soon as we hand over the deliverables, we are always there for support.

At kemb, we strongly believe in developing nurturing relationships with our clients, so much so that they can come back to us with any technical challenge they may face in the future and we will be more than happy to provide the necessary support.

Can we support you to future-proof your tracking?

We are here to help you migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4! Get in touch with us for a free consultation and quote.

Why now?

  1. UA will become obsolete by 2023. Meaning all companies and E-commerce businesses relying on the tool for web analytics and tracking will HAVE TO migrate to GA4 or pursue other solutions.
  1. Necessity of GDPR compliance. Since the CNIL (French data protection agency) decided in February 2022 that the use of UA does not conform with the european privacy laws, many companies are heading towards alternatives to secure their business.
  1. Efficient migration may take time. Depending on the complexity of your current setup, and your future business needs, a whole new setup might be needed. And with the clock running out, decisive measurements need to be quickly taken.

Why us?

With almost a decade of experience in web tracking and analytics, we know what we are doing. Our team of experts are fully committed to bringing our client’s vision and goals into life. Moreover, we provide our clients an interesting learning experience where we help them develop the necessary skills needed to have a full grip on their setup. We’re not interested in leaving you by yourself with presentations, rather, we share our knowledge and expertise to benefit our client in the best way we know how. And here at Kemb, we don’t just stop there!
We nurture long lasting relationships with our clients, we apply hands-on and actionable approach when it comes to our consulting services and never hold back from getting our hands dirty and helping our clients in the future if necessary.

If your goal is to set up a properly implemented and optimised tracking infrastructure you are at the right place! We know that setting up web traffic and analytics may seem a bit  overwhelming sometimes but don’t worry we have got you covered.

Get in touch today!

If you need help migrating from your existing setup to Google Analytics 4, whether strategically or operationally, we are here to support for a frictionless and efficient process. Feel free to reach out to us to, let us discuss your needs and how we can best provide assistance.