Google Analytics 4 Migration

Web tracking and analytics are critical to the success of your business. Whether it’s an ecommerce platform, a lead generation website, or an organization that wants to track how customers are using their platforms. Well-established web tracking can provide a much better understanding of how your marketing efforts are performing, how your site’s revenue is trending, and what the key drivers of your business are online. However, implementing GDPR compliant web and app tracking is becoming increasingly complex as legislation, browser technology and privacy practices change in the form of cookie consents. 


Thorough and comprehensive review of your current Universal Analytics setup to streamline your migration process to GA4.

Implementing a customized, detailed tracking plan using Google Tag Manager that meets all your goals and business needs, builds meaningfully on top of your current tracking, and complements it if you wish.

Complete setup of a Google Analytics 4 property for web analytics and tracking, and migrate your existing UA account to a Google Analytics 4 property.

Continuous support throughout the process, from the first preliminary meeting. We focus on sharing our knowledge and experience to give our clients not only the best possible outcome but also a great learning experience.

Consulting and implementation of data protection compliant solutions and alternative products to GA4.

How We

1st phase:

  • Identifying your business needs
  • Access to full setup
  • Vote on important UA events
  • Alignment with key UA goals
  • Identification of technical hurdles and challenges
  • Identification of additional important events
  • Assessment of GDPR compliance

We begin with a preliminary analysis phase, where we schedule an appointment and take the time to fully understand your vision, your issues, your business goals, and how you want them to impact the analytics.

During the first step in the process, we conduct a thorough assessment of the current web tracking setup, identify the key structures to migrate and identify the technical gaps that need to be closed. In addition, based on our findings, we create a timeline for the completion of the entire process. Our goal is to provide you with an optimal and seamless migration. Through efficient coordination between you and us, we ensure that your expectations are fully met.

2nd phase:

  • Setting up the GA4 property
  • Implementation of GA4 tracking tags via Google Tag Manager
  • Linking the new property to required sources (Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google BigQuery, etc.)
  • Arranging a learning experience for you
  • Parallel operation of UA and GA4: Ensuring flawless functionality of newly implemented tags

The second is the implementation phase, in which we get to the technical core of the task. We operate both the current UA facility and our newly created GA4 property in parallel.

To ensure no ongoing processes are impacted, we work behind the scenes, implementing the new tracking tags and thoroughly testing them until all website tracking data is properly received in your current setup. But we will not do this alone!

At Kemb we don’t just create presentations, we transparently involve you in the process and provide you with a great learning experience so you can develop the necessary skills to fully understand the product.

3rd phase:

  • Determine any necessary adjustments
  • Confirmation that UA and GA4 results match after two weeks of simultaneous operation
  • Ensuring your needs are fully met
  • Advice and clarification of any technical questions

Then we move on to the comparison phase. After successful implementation, we will check with you whether everything has been set up correctly and tailored to your needs.

We also offer the possibility to make further adjustments if necessary. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll be with you throughout the process, answering any questions and addressing any concerns you may have.

Handover &
Support Phase

  • Additional support if needed
  • Advice on technical and data protection issues
  • Help you use your data to grow your business

The final element of the process is technically less of a phase and more of a promise. We don’t just cut off the connection to you after the project has been completed as soon as we have handed over the results, we are still there for you.

At kemb we firmly believe in the value of long-term relationships with our customers, so that you can turn to us with confidence for any technical challenge that may come your way in the future. We are pleased to continue to offer our ongoing support.

Can we help you future-proof your tracking

We’d love to help you migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4!
Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Why Now?

1. Universal Analytics was shut down July 1st, 2023. This means that all businesses and e-commerce companies that rely on the tool for web analytics and tracking MUST switch to Google Analytics 4 or other solutions.

2. Need for GDPR compliance. Ever since the CNIL (French data protection authority) ruled in February 2022 that the use of UA is incompatible with European data protection laws, many companies have been looking for alternatives to secure their business operations.

3. Efficient migration takes time! Depending on the complexity of your current setup and your future business needs, a completely new approach may be required. As time is of the essence, decisive measures must be taken in good time.

Why We?

With almost a decade of web tracking and analytics experience, we know what we’re doing. Our team of experts is fully committed to realizing the visions and goals of our customers. In addition, we offer our customers an engaging learning experience, where we help them develop the necessary skills they need to take full control of their facility. We are not interested in leaving you alone with presentations, but pass on our knowledge and experience so that our customers benefit in the best possible way. And here at Kemb, we don’t just stop there! We maintain the long-term relationships with our clients, we take a practical and actionable approach when it comes to our consulting services and we are not afraid to be hands-on when it comes to helping our customers. .

If you have the goal of setting up an optimally implemented tracking infrastructure, you have come to the right place! We know that setting up web traffic and analytics solutions can seem overwhelming at times, but don’t worry, we’re ready to answer any questions.


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