Through years of experience in different setups, we have developed concepts for Business Intelligence setups at every scale. We support companies in every stage of business life with fast initial setup, pragmatic solutions that provide insights fast as well as support scalability and provide the means to run them on your end without needing our constant support.

We Offer

We support you in the entire process of vendor selection, setup of infrastructure, operative support in data warehousing, ETL and data visualization as well as consulting on data strategy and supporting in recruiting and handover of established infrastructure.
With an initial alignment we will gather information on your data sources and data use cases and find the fitting infrastructure that suits the size of your company and your technological skills.

With our broad experience in supporting customers from first investment round to exit, as well as established SMEs and international players we have seen which solutions match each phase and how to setup for growth. We also make sure to act as your internal BI team, taking care of laying out strategic prioritization of work, establishing data governance to build a lasting infrastructure and support every stakeholder in your company to get valuable insights from data when they need it.

Several specific
offerings include

ETL, data warehouse
and visualization
vendor selection

On-premise migrations
to cloud

Setup and operative support of business intelligence infrastructure

Data strategy and data
governance consulting

ata visualization, data
analysis and data science support

Why is a Business Intelligence setup important?

It might be no news that understanding the data your company holds will grant you a competitive edge. However in many companies reporting and business intelligence happen very rudimentary.
Either data is gathered manually via copy-paste making the process of reporting tedious and ineffective or bringing data from different sources together proves as too challenging.
With modern cloud infrastructure and software business intelligence has become an affordable commodity and in most cases the data sources you have are standard sources that can be connected within hours bringing data to the front that helps

you select the right audiences to target in marketing when you see which leads actually convert, that make your HR process transparent with highlighting which sources provide the best candidates or help you take the step towards predictive modelling of the stock you need in your store next month.
Many clients are surprised by the depth of decision making possible with the data they already had at hand.

Is it relevant for you?

Data is not a by-product of doing business but a huge asset. With a solid data strategy on what data you track and need, how to bring that together and which use cases are of relevance to your company, business intelligence projects pay themselves back in just a few months. The question is not if this is relevant to you but how it could not be? Not storing the data you generate in marketing, sales, IT, HR… properly or at all is like sunk cost. You might have standard questions like “Which marketing channel is the most effective in closing deals” that you cannot answer in your current setup but might be surprise how fast such a solution can be integrated.

In order to help you take the right steps directly and making sure to bring the data you have and the data you need in a meaningful way, we are your partner in business intelligence. We specialize on setups for eCommerce and B2B SaaS companies and bring with us a broad experience in how to quickly lay the technical groundworks as well as which questions you can answer that have a huge impact on metrics such as ARR, customer lifetime value and customer churn prediction.

How we work, implement, and help you grow

In all cases we support not only in the process and providing the best solution for the case, as in every other project we aim for an understanding of the client’s business in order to support also with input and guidance on how to set up the environment and what numbers to look at. We think on an organizational level as well, thus topics such as data security, data governance and access management are regularly part of our projects. And if you are currently in the situation where you lack dedicated resources in business intelligence, we are happy to help in recruiting as well, be it candidate selection or support in interviewing and providing tasks for candidates from junior to C-level in data jobs.

We will find the solution that suits you best: budget, stage of company and capabilities will be reflected in your setup as well as having a scalable solution

Working with business as well as development teams, we take a low-code approach that makes conversations for business stakeholders on use cases way more approachable

We have established BI setups in companies of all sizes and stages and know communication is key. We’ll help you setup efficient ways to scale your data environment

A solid handover to your employees is an essential part of our work. We want to help establish and grow you infrastructure on your end not run it ourselves as BI is an essential part of your business

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You need support in the aforementioned areas, guidance for recruiting your own team or additional senior support in your business intelligence? Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your current needs and how we can be of help.


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