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Business Intelligence

Through years of experience in different setups, we have developed concepts for Business Intelligence setups at every scale. We support companies in every stage of business life with fast initial setup, pragmatic solutions that provide insights fast as well as support scalability and provide the means to run them on your end without needing our constant support.

Three typical client cases are:

1. Setting up BI and reporting infrastructure from scratch,
establishing technical infrastructure as well as visualization of data in solutions like Tableau, PowerBI or Metabase. For most companies that means moving away from initial solutions like Google Sheets or DataStudio with direct marketing connectors and manual uploads of data when they outgrow them. We analyze your current business intelligence solution and the tools you have in use. We will then find the right toolset that will support connectors you need to integrate and the visualization use case you are looking into, be it a dedicated team for visualization or a self-service approach with all company employees being able to pull numbers based on an access management concept. Our approach is regularly low- or no-code, enabling business users to take over the infrastructure after initial workshops and coaching in business intelligence. We work in an agile approach and tackle the most pressing issues first. We regularly provide the first insights within the first four weeks of cooperation. We are tool-independent in that we have a couple of favored setups but will find the best possible option for our customer, be it based on AWS, azure or Google Cloud Platform. Feel free to reach out for a free scoping discussion.

2. migrating on-premise solutions to the cloud,
this is another common approach where we are brought in to migrate a running infrastructure into a cloud-first or cloud-standalone business intelligence setup. This includes cost estimation for cloud infrastructure, tool selection and support in negotiation with vendors as well as training your employees on cloud infrastructure and toolsets. We make sure to make the switch as lean as possible, removing legacy issues that have been waiting to be tackled for years in the process.

3. analytics and tracking support,
with our in-depth knowledge of eCommerce and B2B-SaaS businesses as well as our strategic and operative work in marketing and sales we regularly support our clients in also laying out their tracking concept, enriching data for business intelligence and bringing in new ideas for the business side. As we have been on the operative side of marketing and sales as well, we come up with our own ideas and best practice from other projects, providing you with insights in conversion rate optimzation, funnel analysis, marketing automation as well as churn analysis and prediction. We do not only want to provide you with the means to do business intelligence but also with the ideas that bring your company a step forward.

In all cases we support not only in the process and providing the best solution for the case, as in every other project we aim for an understanding of the client’s business in order to support also with input and guidance on how to set up the environment and what numbers to look at. We think on an organizational level as well, thus topics such as data security, data governance and access management are regularly part of our projects. And if you are currently in the situation where you lack dedicated ressources in business intelligence, we are happy to help in recruiting as well, be it candidate selection or support in interviewing and providing tasks for candidates from junior to C-level in data jobs.

You need support in the aforementioned areas, guidance for recruiting your own team or additional senior support in your business intelligence? Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your current needs and how we can be of help.

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