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Go Digital

We can support you up to € 16,500 in grants for the implementation of your projects.

As certified Go Digital Partners we can offer up to € 16,500 in grants for the implementation of your digitalisation projects through the Go Digital Funding Program in which the German Government supports SMBs on their road to digitalisation. Within this program, companies will get 50% of the project costs covered under Go Digital up to a maximum of € 16,500.

And the best of all, you do not need to worry about the paperwork, we will take care of all of it.

What is Go Digital?

Who can Benefit from Go Digital?

Independent small and medium-sized businesses in the commercial sector or craftsmanships can benefit from funding through the Go Digital Progam if they meet the following requirements:

  • less than 100 employees at the start contract (this includes all partner- and affiliated companies)
  • Previous year’s sales or the previous year’s balance sheet does not exceed 20 million euros
  • Last year’s turnover should be at least five times the amount of funding requested
  • Permanent establishment or a branch in Germany
  • Eligible under German regulation

Excluded from the program are:
Agencies, Consultants, Freelancers, NGOs, Religious organisation, Agriculture, forestry, fishing and aquaculture companies

What is Supported?

Starting from analysis to identify points of improvement, through Strategy development, all the way till implementation and deployments.

  • the development and optimisation of Websites
  • Set-up and optimisations of Webshops & Shop Systems
  • Digital Marketing in all shapes and forms, SEO, PPC & Content Marketing.
  • E-learning & Apps set-ups

How can I Apply for Go Digital?

  1. Let us know which project you are planning via this link
  2. We will evaluate how we can best support you, and if your project qualifies for the Go Digital Program.
  3. We will get in touch with you in order to understand the details and to understand if and how a cooperation can work. (This is of-course free of costs)
  4. We will draft a Project outline & Roadmap, and will request the Go Digital Funding.
  5. After a successful application, we can start straight away.
  6. Within a maximum of 6 Months we will support you the best way possible to bring your business to the next level.
  7. Latest 4 weeks after completion of the project we will request the payment of the grant, and will wire this amount directly to your account.

Module 1

Digital market development

Within this module, we help you to digitize your processes, enable you to set-up and work remotely and can support you with the implementation of software solutions for e-business in order to control overall and sub-processes.

The goal is to digitize as many work processes in companies as possible and to securely establish all electronic and mobile processes.

Examples of here could be:

  • Payment Systems
  • Home Office Enablement
  • Digital & Remote Team Communication

Module 2

Digitized business processes

We highly specialize in this module, which enables you to build, grow and extend your digital presence through the development and implementation of digital marketing strategies and processes.

These can include online marketing in the form of SEO & PCC all the way to the development of professional websites, webshop, and content marketing and social media.

Examples of here could be:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Audits
  • Web & Webshop development
  • Content Marketing Support & Strategy

Module 3

IT Security

The module IT Security is mandatory and includes a basic analysis and advice on IT, Web and data security. With the goal to increase data security and reduce the risk of damages through cybercrime attacks.

Examples of here could be:

  • Intranet
  • VPN setup
  • Security Audits

This module is completed in cooperation with our specialised partners.

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