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From audit of current tracking to developing tracking plan from scratch, we support you in each step of the process. We take time to learn your business goals and to ensure that our tracking plan will reflect them precisely. Reach your website visitors on platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook with our support in Google Tag Manager.

As Digital Marketing enters the cookieless future, we are here to support you with data privacy-conform tracking solutions.

We Offer

We first start with an initial consultation in order to determine what goals to achieve through the content strategy, which then forms the basis for a detailed content analysis consisting of a three-part process:

You can select and combine one of the following services:

Analytics Audit – We check if your Google Analytics property shows what you think it shows and if it can show you even more:

  • check current tracking setting for possible issues
  • check if new reports/information is possible to add to analytics (can we learn more from collected data?)
  • is cookie consent properly implemented
  • can we aggregate data from other platforms

Tracking Plan – We help you to understand what you can track and how you can do that:

  • evaluate what kind of reports and information you may need
  • suggest how to better track your marketing activities
  • which technical solutions are available for you which are also GDPR-compliant

Google Analytics 4 Migration – GA 4 is the newest version of Google Analytics to surpass its predecessor:

  • ensure that you can track everything in Google Analytics 4
  • revision of current tracking plan
  • optional: link GA4 to BigQuery

Google Tag Manager Support – We use Google Tag Manager to manage tracking on your website:

  • install and manage Google Tag Manager
  • install Insight Tags (from Facebook or LinkedIn) for campaign optimization and remarketing on various platforms
  • check that you collect the correct information with GTM
  • adjust cookie consent for your website

Get ready for the cookie-less future – We support companies for the transition into cookie-less web analytics and marketing:

  • post-cookie consulting
  • server-side tracking 
Just some of the
tools we work with

How we work, implement, and help you grow

Are you unsure if we the right choice for you? Here are the main perks of working with us:

Focus on data in result evaluation and goal setting

Track your progress with regular reports

Google Tag Manager

We rely on GTM in our work which allows keeping your tracking organized in one place

Cookies Consent

our tracking solutions are optimized for data privacy requirements

A holistic approach to tracking

Having expertise in online marketing and business intelligence, we know exactly what the collected data can say about your business

Why it is relevant

Web Analytics allows you to understand better if website visitors are using the website in the way it was intended. It is a powerful tool to improve the performance of your website and user experience by identifying possible issues or testing new ideas. At Kemb, we help you to identify proper measures for your business goals and to determine if your goals succeed or fail.

With Google planning to stop relying on third-party cookies soon and only 37% of companies prepared for the cookieless future of marketing, the nearest future may bring many surprises for online marketers and web analysts. Once third-party cookies become obsolete, some popular marketing practices will be no more possible (such as remarketing) and scarcity of marketing data can lead to erroneous figures in the reports.

If you feel that your current webanalytics setup does not provide you the correct information or the information you need to have for better decision-making is missing, we will walk you through the process and ensure that your business goals are correctly tracked on your website. We will provide technical support to your marketing team to ensure that their remarketing campaigns and conversion tracking is functioning properly.

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