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We are happy to support you with a professional website audit, forming the basis for sustainable search engine optimization of your website. By surveying the status quo of your website with regard to key SEO factors, we identify opportunities to increase organic reach and improve search engine visibility.

We Offer

Our goal is to shape a search engine friendly website for you. In this process, initial alignment with you always constitutes the starting point for our work. The more precise our idea of your individual business strategy, wishes and requirements, the better the foundation to tailor a process tailored to your specific needs. On this groundwork, we then move on to the actual SEO Audit, consisting of the following key components:

1. A review of your website’s underlying technical infrastructure for crawlability and indexation. Crawling the website shows whether all pages appear in search results as desired, or if certain content may be excluded. Further part of this examination is e.g., reviewing the Robots.txt file, DNS settings, your Sitemap.xml and the use of Canonical tags.

2. A detailed examination of the site structure provides information about its information architecture: Are pages structured logically, and linked appropriately? Do all links work, or is there content that is inaccessible? And is relevant information properly integrated and easy to access? Errors and issues are identified, along with appropriate recommendations to resolve them.


3. An on-page inspection checks for further SEO factors relevant towards a good positioning in search results. This includes, for instance, the proper use of page elements such as url identifiers, unique headings, meta titles and meta descriptions, markup elements, along with other content quality factors (the content structure of a page, usage of relevant keywords, duplicate or thin content, etc.).

4. Site performance and mobile-first indexing: As speed and loading time as well as optimization for mobile view become more and more important for search engine rankings, we also conduct a review regarding core web vitals and mobile score to identify potential problems (site size, integration of JavaScripts and CSS, compression, image compression, lazy loading, etc.).

As a result, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of the status quo, including a realistic catalog of measures that offers you clear recommendations for action.

Naturally, we can add additional components or focus the analysis on specific criteria to suit your personal needs.


How we work, implement, and help you grow

We follow a holistic and data-driven approach: starting with the setup of a suitable tracking concept, to ensuring all necessary technical requirements on your website and the very definition of an overall marketing strategy that efficiently integrates combines the various components.

We always rely on data, which we source using all established analytics tools or acquire independently if required.

Our main goal is to deliver a feasable and realistic strategy, tailored to meet the specific needs of our client, taking into full account existing resources and allowing for immediate and independent implementation of measures.

We gladly provide assistance in setting up the process, which is always aimed at a smooth transition after a successful launch period.

We also offer support with the set up of tracking and reporting in order to monitor the effectiveness of your actions in the daily process.

Why it is relevant

In order to have a chance at being ranked well, a website needs to meet the latest technological SEO standards. At the same time, those requirements are not only multifaceted, but also subject to constant change due to adjustments of search algorithms. Regular revision is therefore crucial to ensure your website remains up-to-date.

A robust approach to search engine optimization not only provides the framework you need to grow organic reach for your brand and products, but to actually help build visibility and exposure in both a cost-effective and sustainable way.


– If you want to strategically leverage SEO for your website, conducting an audit serves as a basis from which a solid strategy can take shape > We assist you in finding a starting point

– You want to know, how the content on your website is currently positioned in search results and whether your SEO efforts are effective > We provide you with a clear picture

– Technical SEO requirements can be complex. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we are able to identify key levers and support their implementation > We simplify the process of execution

– Possible optimizations can be quite extensive, however, they don’t necessarily have to be. All the more important is reasonable prioritization with an eye on existing resources > We help you focus on the essentials

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