Paid Marketing

We support companies in developing their paid marketing strategies, implementation of performance marketing campaigns and their management.

As we work with different marketing platforms, we help you to select a platform trully beneficial for your business goals. We support our clients in Social Media and Search Engine Advertising.

We do not just take over your paid marketing tasks but also can coach and consult your team on the way.



1. Strategy – understand how paid marketing works or how to achieve your business goals with it:

– How to evaluate/model your marketing activities (for example, help to draft sales funnel)
– Which platforms are the right choice for your business
– Define your goals and tactics

2. Setup of a marketing campaign:

– We set up your first campaigns and hand it over in a small workshop session if needed

Smart Shopping Setup with optimized product feed based on our knowledge with Shopify, Woocommerce, Plentymarkets, Shopware

3. Management and support
We manage and/or support in supervision of your ongoing campaigns:
– Conversion rate optimization and monitoring of campaigns to improve KPIs
– ad hoc analysis of paid marketing campaigns performance
– Support with budget planning

Our offer is always individual and tailored to your needs. Whether you want to get help with managing some of ongoing tasks or get a full support in developing your paid marketing strategy from scratch, we will find the right balance for your request. Typically, you can select and combine the following services


IS it relevant for you?

If you feel unsure how to reach your goals with paid marketing, which channel is the right for your business or your team simply does not have enough time to manage all ongoing tasks, we are here to support you around your paid marketing goals.

Whether you need to promote your new online shop or your marketing team need a helping hand with paid marketing, we will find the right combination of our services together. We believe that based on data we will be able to help everyone to grow their customer and client base, starting from the first sale till increasing the lifetime value of your most loyal customers.

Where your
adds can appear

How we work, implement, and help you grow

We help you to reach your potential customers on various platforms. We always pay attention to your business goals so that your budget is flowing directly where your target audience resides.

Our progress is tracked with regular reports

Receive weekly overview of your budget spent and main KPIs

Flexible contract duration tailored to your needs

We are interested in long-term cooperation but we always put our client goals in the forefront

Holistic approach to your paid marketing

We have specialists in all relevant areas from content marketing to tracking and web analytics

Neutrality in selection of paid marketing channels

We do not try to just sell you one platform but we look together what is the best option for your business

Get in touch today!

You need support in the aforementioned areas, guidance for recruiting your own team or additional senior support in your business intelligence? Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your current needs and how we can be of help.


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