Google Analytics 4
Migration Reporting

Already migrated to Google Analytics 4 on your own? Well done! Now it’s time to make absolutely sure the move was carried out successfully. Our comparative report will immediately tell whether critical metrics match or not.

Don't waste any more time! Move to GA4 now because UA will be gone soon!








Why should I compare
UA to GA4 stats?

The final changeover from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 in July 2023 makes migrating to the new platform a must. Now that it’s done, you might struggle in comparing the metrics between UA and GA4 after you’ve completed the migration process? Well, we have a very fast, and efficient solution for you – our Data looker studio migration report.

At a glance, you can easily compare the most important metrics between both analytics versions. As the data model between the two versions of analytics is quite different, we selected those metrics that are most likely to be comparable between UA and GA4 to provide a concrete and reliable dashboard for you.

The Dashboard

Traffic Acquisition Comparison

User Acquisition Comparison

Channel Grouping Comparison

Behavioural Metrics Comparison:

  • Pageviews per page title
  • Events (depending on whether or not you migrated your previously tracked events in UA to the new platform)

You need to know THAT you can rely on your data!

The data you collect drives critical business decisions. So you need to be sure that you can put trust in the right figures. We’re here to help you get just that!

The Tools we use

Why We?

We provide many years of experience in the field of web tracking and analytics. Hence, you can be sure that we know what we are doing. And our team of dedicated experts is extremely well-versed in working with the various Google tools you need. We know how to spot the right levers and we can help you optimize your tracking if we can find areas for improvements. By no means do we want to leave our customers with just presentations.

Instead, we want to support and encourage you in acquiring the necessary skills you need, so that you feel confident in operating your setup even after we have completed the project. It goes without saying that we remain available to assist you with any questions you may have after the duration of a project. Because, at Kemb, we place great value on long-term relationships with our customers.


You still haven’t migrated to Google Analytics 4? Then we should tackle this as quickly as possible as no new data will be processed in Universal Analytics in a matter of weeks. Click on this box for more information on our GA 4 Migration offer, or feel free to directly contact us using the contact form below!

Compare now

Build the necessary trust in the new analytics framework now with a clearly laid out comparison


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