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Content Marketing Audit

We support you with a content audit that ensures the creation of meaningful, high-quality information for your target audience and enables you to organize the process of content creation in the most efficient way possible. Our data-based and customer-centric approach provides tangible recommendation on the way forward.

What we offer

We first start with an initial consultation in order to determine what goals to achieve through the content strategy, which then forms the basis for a detailed content analysis consisting of a three-part process:

  1. Technical Audit: In addition to a review of the general website setup, this includes the consideration of relevant UX aspects and the status of a user-friendly presentation of content, taking into account the latest ranking guidelines
  2. Quantitative Audit: We capture your existing content inventory using a website crawl to provide an overview of all metric data such as URLs, document types, content categories, structuring and linking, indexing, keywords, traffic etc., allowing for initial content assessments
  3. Qualitative Audit: We perform an in-depth analysis of existing content and its performance to identify target group-relevant topics clusters and critical keywords, uncover further potential and ensure brand alignment

Why is a Content Marketing Audit important?

  • To gain in-depth understanding of the current state of your content strategy, reveal existing weaknesses as well as promising future opportunities
  • To review and fine-tune the direction of your content marketing strategy in light of delivering value to your long term marketing and business goals
  • To ensure the most efficient use of available resources
  • To increase your content portfolio’s quality
  • To uncover content shortfalls and potential for optimization
  • To strengthen your positioning against competitors

Is this relevant for you?

There are many reasons for which you should consider a content audit by accomplished experts. We will only name a few of them…

  • First and foremost, for any business engaged in content marketing, regular performance audits are essential to ensure that your strategy achieves its intended objectives > let us find out
  • If you intend to change your business strategy, it is advisable to audit your existing content and to confirm if it fits your future strategy and goals > we will make sure of that
  • If you are planning a relaunch of your website, consider re-structuring existing content: Eliminate obsolete pieces and strengthen vital elements > we help you improve your key assets
  • Whenever structural changes occur in your company, a comprehensive understanding of the status quo is vital to enable a strategically optimal handover > we ensure a smooth transition process

How we work, implement, and help you grow

For us, content marketing is not to be understood as an isolated campaign, but as part of a holistic and data-driven approach: starting with the setup of a suitable tracking concept, to ensuring all necessary technical requirements on your website and the very definition of an overall marketing strategy that efficiently integrates content marketing therein.

We always rely on data, which we source using all established analytics tools or acquire independently if required.

Our main goal is to deliver a feasable and realistic strategy, tailored to meet your specific needs, taking into full account existing resources and allowing for immediate implementation.

We gladly provide assistance in setting up the process, which is always aimed at a smooth transition after a successful launch period.

We also offer support with the set up of tracking and reporting in order to monitor the effectiveness of your actions in the daily process.

Take your content strategy to the next level

We would be happy to support you in achieving your goals with a content audit. Please do not hesitate to contact us for free initial consultation and let us talk about your needs.