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Get a deep understanding of Google Analytics 4 with our training program from experienced experts to unleash the full potential of the tool. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, our courses will give you the skills you need to take your web analytics to the next level.

Why do a
GA4 Training?

Google’s new Analytics Platform Google Analytics 4 (GA4 for short) will replace Universal Analytics in July 2023. The new platform boasts an updated measurement data model, full cross-device and cross-platform reporting, and new opportunities for automation. Therefore the switch to GA 4 and getting used to new measurements and metrics can be confusing even for the most seasoned web analyst.

That’s where KEMB comes into play! Our experts offer tailored trainings in Google Analytics 4 so you can leverage the full potential of the new Analytics platform.

We design the training to meet your specific needs and expectations. Through our expertise, we are able to cover an immensely comprehensive overview of Google Analytics 4.

What you’ll 

Comprehensive Training in Google
Analytics 4

Tailored to your individual needs

Introduction to all Reports, Conversions, Audiences and more

Creation of Explorations and Custom Dimensions for your business

Introduction to the Google Tag Manager

Walkthrough the Data Layer

Creation of first Tags and Triggers to individualize Tracking

Option to split your GA4 Training for your convenience

Take your Web Analytics Skills to the next Level

We’ll show you how to set up your website and app metrics, effectively analyze data in Google Analytics 4, and interpret their reports to make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.

GA4 Basic 

Our introductory

During the Basic GA4 Training our Google Analytics specialist will first give you an overview of your new Account in Google Analytics 4. You will get to know the Acquisition, Engagement, and – if applicable – Monetization Reports. Our Google Analytics specialist will not only walk you through the metrics and dimensions but also provide you with usage practices of each report so you know how to leverage the new opportunities Google Analytics 4 provides in terms of data analysis. Next, you will get to know Events, Conversion and Audiences. You will learn how to set-up a simple Event or Conversion in Google Analytics 4 and how to create Audiences. Lastly, our specialist will analyse your need for custom dimensions and metrics and give you a quick introduction to GA4 Explorations and the DebugView – the more technical side of Google Analytics 4.

  • Best for GA4 Beginners with a relatively simple set up
  • Overview of your Account
  • Detailed Introduction to GA4 Reports and Metrics
  • Detailed Introduction to Events, Conversions, and Audiences
  • Walkthrough of Custom definitions
  • Introduction to Explorations


Go a level deeper

You can expect everything that you’d learn in the basic session extended by the introduction to the Google Tag Manager to lay the foundations for working with it. You will then learn how to create your own Explorations that answer the individual questions your business needs answered. Lastly, you’ll branch out into Google Tag Manager. Our specialist will introduce you to GTM Nomenclature and the GTM Preview Mode in combination with GA4 DebugView. Our Express GA4 Training is best suited for web analysts who used UA and have a basic understanding of GA4 but want to know more about GTM and how tracking works in the background.

  • Best for analytics Users that want to know more about GTM to have a more comprehensive understanding of their GA4 setup
  • Overview of your Account
  • Detailed Introduction to GA4 Reports and Metrics
  • Detailed Introduction to Events, Conversions, and Audiences
  • Walkthrough of Custom definitions
  • Walkthrough and creation of Explorations
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager

GA4 Expert

If you want to own the tool, this course is for you

After laying all the basic grounds, this course teaches you how to use Google Tag Manager to create your own tags and track website visitors’ data. It contains an in-depth view of GA4 and demo explorations, followed by a detailed explanation of the Data Layer, which contains all data that gets generated by visitors engaging with your website. You will learn about GTM and its Nomenclature, Preview Mode, and GA4 DebugView. Finally, you will create and test your own variables, triggers, and tags to send data to your GA4 set-up. The course is best suited for professionals who use web analytics daily and need to understand how tracking can be set-up from scratch and works on a technical level. Being the most comprehensive package, it will be customly tailored to your business needs and would include intricate topics like Cross Domain Tracking, Data Layer Pushes, Ecommerce Object set-up and many more, whenever applicable.

  • Best for GA4 Users who want to leverage the full potential of the new platform and have a firm understanding of technical concepts behind it
  • Overview of your Account
  • Detailed Introduction to GA4 Reports and Metrics
  • Detailed Introduction to Events, Conversions, and Audiences
  • Walkthrough of Custom definitions
  • Walkthrough of Explorations
  • Walkthrough of the Data Layer
  • Walkthrough of the Google Tag Manager
  • Creation of your own Variables, Triggers, and Tags

We are happy to split our trainings into several sessions so different people can participate and you have time to start leveraging your new knowledge. Our goal is to make you feel confident using GA 4 and the Google Tag Manager for better data driven decision making.

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