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Why do you want to work for kemb?

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Because we are kemb. We value our employees and we want to work with the best people. We want to empower our employees and bring out their knowledge, their passion, and their ambitions.

We picked the name “wearekemb” for a reason. We want our company to reflect the way how we work together. When we started it was with the vision to have fun and share our knowledge while working with the people we love to be around.

We are looking for people who share this mindset and the ones whose interest we might have sparked with our vision. We work hard to get to our results, however we want to make sure we enjoy ourselves along the way.

We are not searching for the right positions. We are searching for the right people. If you feel like you could be part of kemb and we should meet, contact us on LinkedIn. Looking forward to hearing from you!